Drones are small, remotely piloted aircraft of either a fixed-wing or helicopter type. They once restricted to military applications, now drones have burst upon the civilian market. They are mostly used as camera platforms, but increasingly for deliveries as well.

The rise of the civilian drone market raises security and privacy concerns. The same drone that delivers a pizza or parcel could also carry a terrorist bomb.

This danger is real. For instance, during 2015 alone, drones were used to smuggle contraband into British prisons more than 30 times. During 2016, ISIS used consumer-grade drones for surveillance and to deliver bombs. Numerous other security breaches and incidents have already occurred, including at airports.

Security authorities need a way of neutralizing threatening drones while allowing legal use, which the RF DEFENCE provides.

Drone Jammer - Public Security

RF Defence is using self-developed high efficient noise sources and high output power modules. And the drone jammer model type's typical application scenarios covered Law enforcement such as Anti-terrorism, Anti-drug, Border control, and Temporary checkpoint, etc. Security & Defence area like a Public meeting, International summits, VIP convoy etc.

Jamming Mobile Phones To Prevent the Crime

The right to communicate is an inalienable human right in the vast majority of countries. It is a known fact that communications have made technical progress. The mobile industry has worked with governments to enable mobile communications for all social tiers and these are currently the ultimate means of communications for those who wish to connect to the Internet for the first time.

The growth of mobile services has also brought about new challenges both for the industry and for the countries' authorities. Mobile phones facilitate communications and enable economic growth and progress in labour, production, education and health, among other areas. However, they are also used to perpetrate crime and mobile devices per se are subject to theft in thousands of cases.

The criminal use of mobile services taps into several aspects. One of these has been that mobile terminals have increasingly been used for criminal purposes by placing calls from jails to ask for ransom or plot to crime. Governments and the industry have taken steps to mitigate this activity.

Then the methods of jammers are aiming to solve this problem, which emits a more powerful signal than cellular signals on the same frequency. Thus, all communications using radio frequencies can be blocked by the new emitted signal. Communications liable to cancellation include mobile voice services, mobile Internet access, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Mobile Phone Signal Jammer - Call Block
wifi Jammer - WiFi Block
Signal Jammer - Service Block
GPS Jammer - Location Block
Portable Signal Jammer - Public Security


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Portable Drone Jammer (with Built-in Battery)

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