Based on practical application and needs, We are specialized in providing customized products to distinguish from moveable standard products to achieve more targeted coverage effect.

Specialized Working Frequency Customization System

Customization service which aims to the specific working frequency range,  environment and end user’s serving department, e.g. 100-500MHz UHF; 3.4-3.6GHz 5G jamming systems.

Customized Jamming Source Technologies

We select different signal source with different technology as per different working purposes, e.g. VCO; FPGA+DDS; pseudo base station, and so forth.

Antenna mounting system

For a different working environment, we provide various solutions for the vehicle-mounted system; and space diversity omnidirectional coverage panel antenna system.

Additional requirement

We also provide services for the customized shockproof system for practical applications; External design; Specialized monitoring function, and so forth.

We suppose that the end-users are expertise in this area with professional understanding of the product specification. In that case, they can provide us with relevant indicator information as detail as possible, and we will assist in the plan discussion.

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