The factors that influence the effect of a signal jammer

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1.1 Jamming technology

The main factor of the interfering effect is the source technology. 

The different radio system has different coding, modulating network organization and channel bandwidth. The best interfering technology is different for specific radio systems, which utilized a complicated technology that requires a long-developing period and at a high price. VCO is the most well known and popular technology and got widely applied in jamming projects, it is cost-efficient and also with an effective result for most radio systems. 

For instance, if the VCO interference system is a pickup truck, it can carry people and goods, also can climb the mountain, even do some racing. However, although it can suit the varying environment, still, when the user is aiming to a specific area with specific effect, they will need a customized system - a big truck for the goods, car for the people, SUV for the mountain and an auto racing for the competition.


1.2 Antenna selection of a signal jammer

Omni antenna: With 360 degrees horizontal angle, and the vertical angle normally has 10 degrees. Normally, gain increased by every 3dB will double the length of the antenna.

Panel antenna: Normally with 90 to 180 degrees horizontal angle and 10 degrees vertical angle. The gain of the panel antenna is 5dB higher than the Omni antenna at the same length.

Yagi-antenna: Have 30 degrees vertical and horizontal angle, at the same size, the gain of the Yagi antenna is 3 dB higher than the Omni antenna.

You can find the coverage estimate diagram of a signal jammer in our product details.


1.3 Frequency choose

The wider bandwidth, the worse the jamming effect it has.


1.4 Relative position of the Jammer and Jamming target in the test

To some extent, the jamming effect is determined by the relative position of the signal source, the jammed target, and the jammer.

1.5 Free space loss of different Frequency

Jammer coverage estimation


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